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A Memoir is a time-limited event, where the player can learn about June's past and earn rewards through completing the memoir album. The album contains multiple pictures to complete with snippets. The Memoirs were rolled out step by step to the players starting in August 2021.

Memoir icon

The Memoir album can be accessed through the Orchid Island screen by tapping on the memoir icon in the document folder.

Album and pages[]

A Day in Manhattan Album

For every Memoir event there will be a different album to complete and a certain runtime of a few weeks. The first two Memoirs lasted 77 days. For collecting a certain amount of snippets and for completing the whole album, the player will be awarded with Island Beautifications, which can be seen at the left hand side of the Memoir album.

The album contains several pages, each with a different picture. Those pictures have objects missing from them called snippets. For the completion of a page, there are rewards such as energy, coins, compasses, Star Boxes, diamonds, flowers or Star Boosters.

List of Memoirs[]

Title Logo Runtime Island Beautifications
A Day in Manhattan ADiM Logo.jpg 77 days (Aug 17, 2021- Nov 1, 2021) Sailboat
Return to Orchid Island RtOI Logo.jpg 77 days (Nov 29, 2021 - Feb 14, 2021) Whales